Music by Orphan Fairytale
Film by Katja Louisa Stonewood
Costumes by Joke Van de Casteele

The Moon, the Bear and the Princes is a music film by Orphan Fairytale and Katja Louisa Stonewood. Orphan Fairytale creates fantastic narratives through a blend of ambient composition, folk music and instrumentation, and fairytale aesthetics, visible in the props and costumes she uses when performing and the visual work accompanying her releases. These are extremely elaborate and layered, yet visibly handmade, revealing they are the creations of one eager to escape the constructions of everyday. Although the music is instrumental, the narratives take the form of sound scapes or scores to one’s journey through the magical world Orphan Fairytale creates. She is currently working on two albums to be released in september or October through the labels ‘Ultra eczema’ and ‘Kraak’.